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Trish Settles, Stow (Founding Member)
Scott Davis, Daisy Acres (Farm), Rutland (Founding Member)
Janet Pierce, New Braintree (Founding Member)
James McGovern (Congressman), Worcester (Founding Member)
Lawrence Adams, Barre (Founding Member)
Derrick Mathieu, Worcester (Founding Member)
Maleah Gustafson, Jefferson (Founding Member)
Anonymous Donor, Holden (Founding Member)
Donna Mackie, Bolton (Founding Member)
Bobbie Spiegelman, Groton (Founding Member)
Sheryl & Dick Vaillette, Westminster (Founding Member)
Phillip Hubbard, Barre (Founding Member)
Rick LeBlanc, Boylston (Founding Member)
Andrea Freeman & Tim Silva, Leominster (Founding Member)
William King, West Brookfield (Founding Member)
Kathleen Polanowicz, Northborough (Founding Member)
Anne Edgington, Leicester
Senator Anne Gobi, Spencer
Carrie Novak, Templeton
Joe Smith, Phillipston
Eric Smith, Leominster
Cynthia Alonso, Holden
Daniel Mullen, Holden
Brian Monteverd, Worcester
Norma Chanis, West Boylston
Sally Hensley, Groton
Liz Strachan, Groton
Patti Gould, Worcester
Rebecca Miller, Worcester
Summer Smith, Leominster
Kate Rafey
Senator Michael O’Moore
Janet Morrison, Ashburnham
Ken Cleveland
Janet Morrison
Marcia Canter
David Dudley, Shrewsbury
Grace Golden, Wales
Eileen Charbonneau, Holden
Jacki Hildreth, Westminster
Wendy Joubert, Rochdale
Angela Kearney, Concord
Christopher Hessenius, Boston
Minglewood LLC, Concord
Barton & Katie Phinney, Hudson
David Rohrlich, Jamaica Plain



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