deadhorse hill

deadhorse hill

281 Main St, Worcester

deadhorse hill is a seasonal American restaurant located in the historic downtown of Worcester, MA.  As a restaurant inspired by the New England landscape, we rely on the hard working farmers throughout the northeast and the fishermen along the coast to provide the best possible food at the table.  Our mission is to provide warm and inviting modern hospitality in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Small and sustainable producers of wine are well represented on a list thoughtfully curated by General Manager Julia Auger, while Sean Woods shakes craft cocktails and serves local beers made by some of the best breweries in the country.  Chef/Owner Jared Forman and his team of passionate cooks draw inspiration from cuisines from around the world to execute an elegant and rustic menu.  The horsefeast at deadhorse hill is a family style tasting menu offering diners a chance to experience the best products of the day and all of the techniques and ideas we are most excited about in this very moment.

deadhorse hill is located in what used to be the first floor of the ‘Bay State House’ hotel which served as the headquarters for the Worcester Automobile Club, who held the Dead Horse Hill Climb up Stafford Street from 1902-1911. The hotel itself was a prominent location for social, political, and business meetings, likely in part due to their world-class restaurant.

Central Massachusetts and the neighboring areas of New England are home to some of the best foraging, farming, fishing and aquaculture, and raises some of the healthiest and tastiest meat, chicken,   lamb, and pork on earth.  deadhorse hill takes full advantage of this shameless bounty with a constantly changing menu of incredible pork from Chimney Hill and Chickering farms, the most flavorful beef from Walker Farm at Whorlteberry Hill, Shire beef, and Brookford farm.  Lamb from North Star Sheep Farm and goat from sweet Georgia is responsibly raised and grass fed.  Several oysters are always available from pristine waters of the New England Coast, such as Glidden Point, Island Creek, and some west coast varieties come to us from taylor shellfish.  So much of our produce comes from local farms, picked at the height of each vegetables peak season, then either served fresh or immediately preserved, pickled, cured, or jarred for use in the restaurant throughout the year.  From our house fermented hot sauce made from Calabrian chiles to our cherry tomato marinara, in addition to many other amazing vegetables are delivered to us directly from local farmers or through the help of Lettuce Be Local. Our pastry chef and chef de cuisine Robin Clark’s family out in the picturesque rolling hills of the Berkshires make our rich maple syrup.

On any given evening, just as the sun is setting, owners Bert and Anna
LaValley can be found drinking an aromatic bottle of wine while enjoying great food and hospitality along with all of the other wonderful guests and the team at deadhorse hill.

This march, the deadhorse hill team combined with Ellen Benson and Mike Wenc to open it’s second restaurant, ‘simjang’ which is the Korean for ‘heart’, as Worcester is the heart of the commonwealth.  simjang will serve an American-Korean menu, while continuing the tradition of deadhorse hill by offering sincere and warm hospitality and sourcing and preparing food with respect and dignity.
Both deadhorse hill and simjang invite you to come through our doors, relax, and allow us to show you what we can do.

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